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肯天防锈剂Lusin® Protect O 41


  • 产品名称:肯天防锈剂Lusin® Protect O 41
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 Lusin® Protect O 41
High performance spray oil

- lubricates without greasy touch
- removes rust
- loosens corroded parts
- protects against damp
- no water soluble

Typical Performance Characteristics:

Appearance / colour Liquid / tan
Density at 20°C, g/ml, approx. 0.78
Flash point °C > 36
Application temperature range up to 150 °C

Product description:
Lusin® Protect O 41 is a high performance spray oil on the basis of mineral oils and additives. It functions as a lubricant, anticorrosive and rost remover.

The clear protective film lubricates without being greasy and its rost removing function loosens corroded parts.

Lusin® Protect O 41 protects against damp and prevents electrical short circuits.

Lusin® Protect O 41 provides a glossy part surface. It is compatible with standard plastic types.

In the humidity chamber test according to DIN 50017 there were no signs of corrosion after 20 hours. In the salt spray test with a 5 % NaCl solution at 35 °C according to DIN 50021 there were no signs of corrosion after 40 hours.

The spray can is filled with environmentally friendly propellant.

Material supplied in canisters is a ready-to-use mixture containing organic solvents.

• As an anticorrosive for all metal parts (iron, steel).
• To protect metal surface of motorbikes, cars,tools, machines etc.
• As a lubricant for all moving parts on machines and equipment.

Instructions for use:
Coat the clean iron or steel parts by spraying, dipping or brushing.

Provide good ventilation and allow solvent to evaporate.

Shelf life:
approx. 12 months
approx. 2 years for sprays

Storage / Handling:
For further information on storage, handling, hazards,etc. please refer to safety data sheet.

Spray 400 ml (12 cans / carton)
Art.-no.: 040120

Canisters 1 l, 10 l, 20 l
Art.-no.: 243000


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