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肯天防锈剂Lusin® Protect O 45F

Lusin® Protect O 45
Grease based anticorrosive with foodstuff approval

- foodstuff approved
- stable, transparent protective film
- repels water

Typical Performance Characteristics:

Temperature range Up to 80 °C
Corrosion protection per DIN 50017
on steel type RST-37-2
No corrosion
after 40 hours
Salt water spray test per DIN 50021
on steel type 101-A
No corrosion
after 50 hours

 Product description:
Lusin® Protect O 45 is a grease based transparent anticorrosive for the temporary protection of all metal surfaces. It is approved for use in the production of all foodstuff appliances.

Lusin® Protect O 45 is silicone-free and does not attack plastics. When sprayed on to metal surfaces it forms an even film which penetrates even very fine cracks and repels water.

Lusin® Protect O 45 spraycans contain environmentally friendly propellant.

Lusin® Protect O 45 is used mainly to protect moulds and dies for plastic processing. When these tools are put back into operation it is not necessary to remove the film of Lusin® Protect O 45. If the parts produced are to be painted or printed on, a test is recommended.

Instructions for use:
To protect metal surfaces a fine even film is sufficient. When spraying sufficient ventilation is important.

Shelf life:
 2 years

Storage / Handling:
For further information on storage, handling, hazards,etc. please refer to safety data sheet.

Spraycan 400 mll (12 cans in one carton)
Code No. 040070 


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