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模具清洗剂Lusin® Clean 101F

Lusin® Clean L 101

Mould Cleaner
- removes polymer residues
- has an excellent cleaning effect
- suitable for high temperature applications
- not flammable
Lusin® Clean L 101 is an organic cleaning agent which is especially suitable to remove tenacious resin and other residues from metal surfaces.
Cleaning of dirty moulds, dissolution of polymer residues, e.g. PVC, PA, polyimide, acrylates, etc.
Spray Lusin® Clean L 101 on contaminated moulds,allow the product to react, then remove by injection or with a clean cloth. If required, repeat several times at increased temperatures and longer reaction time (1 hour maximum). After having cleaned the surface,apply Lusin® Protect G 11 or Lusin® Protect G 31 anti-corrosion agent.
Due to its high flash point (>100°C) Lusin® Clean L101 can be applied on hot moulds or metal surfaces.
Caution: Lusin® Clean L 101 attacks plastic and paint surfaces.
Storage / Handling:
For further information on storage, handling, hazards,etc. please refer to safety data sheet.
Shelf life:
Approx. 2 years
Spray 400 ml: 12 cans per box
art. no. 800196
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